Catering to food allergies and intolerances can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. Can you confidently say there has been no cross-contamination with your gluten free products? Are you familiar with ingredients that must be substituted out of products to keep them Low FODMAP? 

 Foddies specialises in the production of Low FODMAP, Gluten Free and other allergy-friendly food. Why stress about providing these options when you can come to us for a great product that saves you time? We have a range of goods available for wholesale.

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Low FODMAP Gluten Free Mongolian BeefLow FODMAP Gluten Free Veggie KormaLow FODMAP Gluten Free Veggie KormaLow FODMAP Gluten Free Butter ChickenLow FODMAP Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken


Low FODMAP Gluten Free Dumplings Low FODMAP Gluten Free Pork Chive Dumplings Low FODMAP Gluten Free Veggie Dumplings


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