Meals (Please check you're within our delivery circle)

Finding it difficult to shop for Low FODMAP & Gluten Free meals to make at home?
Looking for a convenient, ready-to-eat meal at lunch or for dinner?
Then you need Fodbox!

How it works

Fodboxes are ready-made-meals that make eating at home a helluva lot easier! You can order frozen meals online or you can come in to our store and pick up frozen meals from our foodstore Fodmart.

We freeze our meals because we don't use preservatives in our food and we want to lock in the nutrients so you can eat well and live healthy.

Minimum delivery order

Minimum order size for delivery is $59.95

Deliveries will occur on Wednesday & Fridays. Once your order is placed, we will contact you to confirm pick up times or arrange a delivery day.

Please ensure someone is available to accept delivery, otherwise deliveries will be left at your door. The meals will need to be placed in the freezer as soon as possible if this happens.

Delivery zone

If you live within the circle below, we deliver to your door, for free! We want to keep growing this circle and the more we sell, the bigger the circle gets.